Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hey guys! So I started a YouTube channel so yeah please check it out!. Here is my first video and enjoy!



Thursday, 5 February 2015

How To Get Over A Breakup

So Valentines Day is coming up and while some of us are celebrating covered in rose petals with our significant others and some are out with their friends proclaiming Valentines Day is a made up holiday which is just a marketing scheme to sponge off couples and make singletons feel miserable, there are the people, like myself, who have recently came out of a relationship. Now whether it was a really long relationship or even just a short 2 month romance, breakups suck. Like, seriously, they suck. So that's why I've attempted to make a rough "guide" on how to get over those tough times without having a ménage a tois with Ben & Jerry.

1. Delete their number, old conversations and block them on any social networking site.

This is very important. We all feel so tempted to call our ex after a breakup either pleading to get back together, trying to get some closure or even just wanting to ask how their day was (and ensure yourself they're miserable without you). The thing is this isn't healthy. Yeah you can beg for another shot but if history repeats itself then you're going to end up in the exact same position and maybe even worse. Save yourself the trouble and delete his number. Also, block his Facebook and Twitter and whatever else he may have. You're no longer in each others lives so you don't need updates.

2. Don't Mope, Be Strong!

Remember that it's called a breakup because it's broken and you shouldn't sit and cry about it! Yes there were good things but remember if it didn't work then there were reasons for that and you're so much better without them. 

3. Get rid of their things

Take off their stinky sweatshirt and stop staring at the framed photo of you two. This is your time to move on, not have a guest spot on Hoarders! Get a friend or family member to go to their house and return their things (prefererably. Or burn them, whatever works.*

4. No matter how many times you watch the Notebook it will not become your life.

Chick flicks are a bad idea. If you're going to sit crying wishing your ex would write you 365 letter saying how much they loved you then you need to cancel your netflix subscription now. Watch something less cliche and interesting like The Matrix or stick on a blood filled yet hilarious Tarantino film or have a Die Hard Marathon so you can enjoy meaningless violence, no romance and a youngish Bruce Willis (yes, I find younger Bruce Willis attractive).

5. In the words of Aziz Ansari, treat yo self

Go on a post breakup shopping spree with your best girlfriends and treat yourself to some new shoes or a cute dress. Change your hair, paint your nails a different colour every week, take bubble baths, use a face mask. Just treat yourself and go to your happy place.

6. Ditch the junk food!

Ordering yourself a pizza or some chinese is totally okay but when you're on first name basis with the takeaway staff and they know your order and your life story, you may have a problem. Now is a great time to eat well and get yourself looking so good your ex will feel like utter crap (not that you should care but hey, it's always night to plant seeds of hate and envy in the hearts of others).

7. Hang Out With Your Friends!

Sometimes in a relationship we become consumed with the other person and end up leaving behind our world for a fantasy world with them. When that world collapses and shatters, you friends will be there. Make sure they're you're number one priority and you let them know how much you appreciate them.

8. Be Honest And Mature

This is a tricky one to follow. After breakups there's a lot of anger but try your best not to be childish. If you need to rant then make it honest. DO NOT TELL LIES LIARS ALWAYS GET CAUGHT, if you're going to talk a load of crap about your ex well, don't. Always tell the truth. Don't be petty and make snide remarks all the time and try and remain as civil as possible around mutual friends. This doesn't mean you can't tell your side of the story. Just as long as your side is the whole truth.

9. Move On

In your own time you'll be ready to meet someone else and have an even better relationship. You'll forget about this horrible incident and be happy. Remember that there is no set time limit for meeting someone else. It could be next week or next year! Just go at your own pace and do what's best for you and what makes you happy.

10. Remember: Everything Is Temporary

You know the sucky feeling you have right now? That's going to go away. You know those sleepless nights you spend thinking over every little thing and saying "I should have done that"? Well you'll get your rest soon. Relationships are learning experience and you can learn from everything.You will be happy again, I promise.

That's my guide I hope it made you laugh or whatever! All images are from google and I hope you guys all have a great Valentines Day! Have any of you got any breakup anecdotes?




Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What's New At The Drugstore: Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara

Hey guys! So after a very stressful time I'm back to blogging and I'm very excited! Today I'm reviewing the new Maybelline mascara! It's currently on offer at £5.99 in Superdrug stores and retails at £7.99 normally. I don't know why, but I was SO excited for this mascara! The packaging is an adorable metallic baby pink and the brush is like a rubber version of The Real Falsies! Personally, I feel rubber brushes work a little better, no idea why but yeah! 

This mascara claims to multiply your lashes. I felt I got a lot more length than volume though, but maybe I'm working with the brush wrong? However great length from a drugstore mascara can be very rare sometimes! I personally love it though and I think it's a wonderful mascara for a very decent price! 

Have any of you guys tried it or have a great drugstore mascara?